About Wise Food Storage

Where as Wise Food Storage has a shelf life of up to 25 years! Now, food storage items are good for people who like to go camping, like a quick snack on the go, or want to be prepared for natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, or even more severe events like solar flares that will wipe out the electrical grid. In case of any disaster, the food supply would be the first thing to run out, but if you have some serving kits stored away, you will never go hungry.

We all like the satisfaction of security. Food in a crisis provides that security. Also, those of us who enjoy the outdoors like light easy meals that are convenient. The Wise Company fills the need of food for emergencies and food for people on the go in the outdoors. Their food is easy and reliable, and it is at an affordable price.

Shelf life is a very important factor when considering food storage. No one would want to be in a crisis and realize that their food had all gone rancid. We buy food storage for peace of mind, not to worry about food rotation. With Wise food storage, the shelf life for emergency meals is 25 years. This is very high compared to any competition.

The reason that Wise food can claim a 25 year food storage, is because they package their food so well. Wise Company ready-made emergency meals are packed in airtight NITROGEN PACKED pouches, and then they are put in quality plastic containers. They also get rid of excess oxygen and nitrogen through a vacuum process when sealing the containers. This long shelf year can theoretically save you lots of money, because the inevitable inflection of food prices will go up considerably before the shelf life runs out.

The shelf life of the outdoor line of food products is considerably shorter, with a seven-year guarantee. However, the purpose of outdoor food products is not to store indefinitely, but to use as one goes on their excursions.

Of course, the shelf life is effected by how the food is stored. For best results, keeping the food in a dry and cool place such as a basement.

Next to shelf life, the way food storage is packaged is of up most importance. Through experience, Wise Food Storage has found ways to be the most effective and convenient for consumers. Instead of having the food in a #10 can which, once opened, has a very short shelf life, they package their food in triple layer Mylar bags.

Also, they use specially designed square buckets. This makes for easy opening and takes less room in storage. These buckets are also stackable, which makes storage even simpler.

In an emergency or even camping, you need to be able to eat with the most amount of convenience possible. Wise food has taken this into consideration. The Mylar pouch doubles as a bowl. Simple add hot water, wait 12-15 minutes, and eat your meal directly from the bag.

And finally, taste. Food needs to taste good, and emergency and camping food is no exception. The Wise Company's food is hardy and delicious.

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